Press Quotes

“Just as I do songs with a meaning and a feeling to me and to people, Michael likes to do art with meaning, and he’s got the feeling. I believe in Michael’s vision and his art; his art has feeling and is inspired. Just look at his work and you’ll know that this man can paint. His work is honest and sincere. He is a creative, imaginative artist, with great potential and a heart like a lion.”
John Lee Hooker, Legendary Blues Musician, 5/28/99

“Reading Michael J. Krouse’s Artist book “Blue Dot” is like eavesdropping on a whole party of conversations all at once while having a running commentary by Jack Kerouac going on in the background.”
Cheryl Coon, San Francisco Art Commission, 1/7/99

“Michael is a creative, imaginative, artist with great potential.”
Kathryn Wayne, Fine Arts Librarian, U.C. Berkeley, 10/7/98

“He’s a weird kid, but he’s a good artist.”
Jim Marshall, Legendary Rock & Roll Photographer, 5/13/98

“Michael could qualify as a social historian on American culture whose observations have helped him to create a body of work that is highly conceptual and interactive for both the audience and the participant.”
Richard G. Rodrigues, Artist, 1/10/00

“Michael pushes representation into caricature. Inevitably I find there is fun on the canvas, which seems a rare characteristic in painting. I think he is extremely skilled at playing formal games against personal and cultural associations. His work carries the strong vibrant personality that he exudes.”
Nathan Suter, Executive Director, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe VT 12/15/06