“Untitled.” 2008

Ink and Charcoal on Paper

24” x 18”

In the fall of 2007, I began feeling a sense of displeasure towards my work as an artist. My growth was sluggish and my bad habits were numerous and limiting. It became obvious that a new stimulus was needed, and I knew it would be essential for me to re-invent my work. A decision was made to re-examine my own process and re-establish a connection with my artistic roots in order to further understand and advance my art. A shift was made from the emphasis on products to an emphasis on process. To make-work that moves past the appearance of things. Artistic capacity is not something that can be passively acquired; it has to be actively sought, probed and continually put to the test of authenticity. What you see here are my experiments and studies, some of them failures, some of them not and certainly nothing remotely close to perfection. In reality, I am only a beginner, finally learning what painting is all about.

“The more habits one has the more limited one is. If one is to progress, one must be ever changing, especially in art and painting. Let go of ones past, lose your way, pause… find yourself again.” 
Hans Hoffman

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